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The Fight against Bullying in Indonesia

For many students across the archipelago and around the world, bullying has become a cultural norm, ranging from name-calling to physical abuse. So why is Indonesia...


A Shortlist of Indonesia’s Best International Schools

When it comes to education, most parents want to provide their children with the kind they truly deserve. Naturally, they want their kids to be happy and safe, have...


The Gap Between Public and Private Education in Indonesia

By and large, expats in Indonesia send their kids to private international schools. If your family is coming from a semi-developed market with a halfway decent education...

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This Entrepreneur Gives International Education to Students from All Income Levels

Since its inception in Indonesia, Singapore School Bona Vista has grabbed substantial financing from IFC, built schools across the archipelago and delivered high-quality...


Education Ministry to Consolidate Social Aid Data

The Ministry of Education and Culture has been assigned to distribute Smart Indonesia Cards (also known as KIP) to disadvantaged students.


Life at the Australian International School

Teaching and travelling might be the perfect combination for those who are looking to build a career in education, with a bit of adventure. Apart from being the go-to...

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Educating a Nation: ProVisi Takes the Lead in Improving the Quality of Teachers

Teachers play a crucial role in bringing out their students’ potentials, yet many in Indonesia lack academic skills. Education consultant ProVisi Education works with...


Let’s Talk About Sex: Are Indonesia’s Youth Ill-Prepared?

Indonesia, the country with the largest Muslim population in the world, is not an advocate for teaching formal sexual education in schools. Instead, sex education is...

YIS - Yogyakarta International School

Yogyakarta International School – Building our Ship, while we are Sailing

CULTURAL CAPITAL Yogyakarta is located on the southern coast of the island of Java between Mount Merapi and the Indian Ocean. The city is the undisputed cultural capital...

Hollandsch Inlandsche School in 1936 Blitar East Java

Educating the Past

Indonesia’s historical baggage over the last century and a half means that as we tip headlong into this new fangled thing people call globalization, Indonesia’s...

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