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Photo of Sutiono by Lamongan Police

Beware of the Men in Uniform

Posing as policemen and pilots, con men are able to steal women’s hearts and then their money. It is often said that women love a man in uniform. As long as it’s an...

Benjamin Holst

The Curious Case of Benjamin Holst, ‘The Party Beggar’

He was deported last year for begging but is relentless in his quest for beer money. Here's an infographic that summarizes the story of Benjamin Holst.

Money Changer

47 Illegal Money Changers Identified in Bali

In order to protect consumers from illegal money changers, the government has been identifying them and pledging to take action to prevent financial loss.

Fake Registration form for Fake Expo

Hoax Tourism Expo Scams Exhibitors

There’s a whole industry devoted to making money by exploiting corporate vanity through promotional activities, listings and awards. The ASEAN Travel Mart 2017 was...


A Magnet for Cyber Scammers

In the past five years, Indonesia has arrested hundreds of Chinese and Taiwanese nationals for cybercrime. Why are foreign cyber criminals flocking to Indonesia and what...

Money changer a

How Backstreet Bali Money Changers Cheat

Unseasoned visitors to Bali, relieved they’ve safely negotiated Ngurah Rai’s fickle Customs and Immigration, suddenly get hit by the cacophony that’s Indonesia....

Criminals are donning police apparel to commit theft and extortion

Scams in the City: Fashion Police

Indonesian police are seeking to improve their image by wearing navy blue shirts emblazoned with the slogan Turn Back Crime. Criminals are donning the same apparel to...

If you want a seasoned reviewer to provide a glowing endorsement of your hotel for only $5, visit Fiverr

Rotten Reviews & Bogus Bookings

A holiday should be all about unwinding by replacing any stress with serenity and relaxation. Unfortunately, scammers in the hospitality sector are out to dupe you...

Couple holding hands

Scams in the City: For Worse

Weddings, an essential rite of passage in Indonesia, remain a source of scamming and discontent. It was supposed to be one of the happiest days in the life of Karina...


It’s All in the Mind

Hypnotism – when defined as the act of putting someone into a trance and under your control – is not real. But in Indonesia, many scam victims insist they were...

BeritaSatu ran a report claiming  that black dollars have serial numbers like those issued by a central bank - and they can be traded legally and generally and are used to fund drugs transactions

No End to the Stupidity

The perennial black dollar scam is back in the news. This time, the apparent victim is a Navy officer who was busted for drugs. It’s bad enough that a member of the...


The Executioners & the Graveyard

Indonesians are being royally scammed when law enforcers use their power to attack opponents of the country’s endemic corruption. “Five hundred thousand rupiah,...

Screen shot 2015-02-09 at 2.56.54 PM

Online Romance Extortion

Should you ever have the misfortune to become an inmate of an Indonesian jail, you quickly learn that regular funds are required to survive within the crooked...


Sexual Healing Swindle

Want to get rich quick? Or cure an illness via alternative healing? Then think twice before visiting a friendly dukun (shaman). Why? Because he may molest you as part of...

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