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Prepare to Farewell Rupiah’s Zeroes If Central Bank Has Its Way

Dropping some zeroes from Indonesia’s currency has long been touted by the country’s central bank, community groups and lawmakers, but is this recent public...

re-denominate rupiah

Bank Indonesia Puts Money On Redenomination of the Rupiah

The central bank Governor Agus Martowardojo said the macroeconomic condition is currently stable and healthy enough to support redenomination.

foreign banknotes

Bank Indonesia To Cap Foreign Banknotes Entering Country

From March 5, 2018, carrying foreign banknotes equal or more than US$75,148 will be illegal if not registered with Bank Indonesia.

China’s Economic Slowdown Stifles Local Trade and the Rupiah

China’s economic slowdown has affected trade in Indonesia and the value of the rupiah. The archipelago could be set for another tough year. China’s economic turmoil...

Central Bank and Government Watch Closely as Rupiah Continues to Fluctuate

Analysts say Indonesia’s rupiah will further fluctuate. Meanwhile, the government and Central Bank experiment with stimulus packages and market intervention. In...

Amid Rupiah Surge, Drop In Reserves Shows Indonesian Fragility

  Last month’s drop in Bank Indonesia’s foreign-exchange reserves, even as the rupiah led emerging markets to surge 7 percent, highlights vulnerability in the...

JKSE 2013

Google Slaughters Indonesia in 2013

Google is one of the largest companies in the world. In fact, it is so large a company that you can’t really compare its value to any individual Indonesian company –...

Faking It

Advances in computer technology and printing are making it easier to forge money. One of the hardest details to fake on current Indonesian currency is the ‘patch’...

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