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hotel room robbery

Man Tied Up in Jakarta Hotel Room for Hours After Being Robbed

31-year-old Fauzi Firdaus was locked in a hotel room in Kuningan, South Jakarta, for hours by a couple who pretended that they wanted to buy a scooter that he had...


Bali Crime Watch: Black Magic Robbery and Police Brutality Reports

Authorities have warned locals and tourists to be wary of an ATM scam in the resort island of Bali after the arrest of four suspects on theft and fraud charges, while...


Shocking Armed Robbery Deaths Prompt Warnings From Police

Two shocking cases of armed robbery ending in murder have prompted police to warn the public to be aware of their surroundings and not fight back would-be assailants.


Rasuna Said Targeted in Spate of Begal Attacks

Busy business district Kuningan has become a favoured spot for thieves late at night.


Foreigners Robbed, Bali Crime Stats Gain Attention

Two Germans were robbed in Bali, as crime on the island continues to rise. Foreigners are advised to take precaution. Here are the stats you need to know.

Manager Stages Fake Robbery at His Own Mart, Gets Busted

Robberies in convenience stores are common in today's world. But robbing your own store and getting caught red-handed? It can be tricky.

Police Chief Orders Shooting of Thieves “On Sight”

Chief of Central Java Police General Condro Kirono has ordered his officers to shoot thieves “on sight” as part of a resolution to curb the rising number of robbery...

Crime Tsunami

It was with a certain amount of self-congratulation that we use to talk of our social evenings in Makassar. We were able to leave a bar on our face at midnight, fail to...

For Better or For Worse

Weddings attract a range of scams, from disappearing contract wives to fake proposals and bogus planners. Arab sex tourists have for decades been visiting Indonesia for...

Unlucky Charms

It is widely believed in Indonesia that daggers, polished stones and fabrics can be imbued with magical powers that will provide protection and good luck. The truth is,...

Jimmi Muliku

Preying on Prostitutes

A churchgoing keyboardist posed as a playboy and robbed at least 24 high-class prostitutes in four cities, until he made the mistake of stealing from a drug lord’s...