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River Polluters Will Be Publicly Shamed, Jakarta Governor Warns

People caught throwing garbage into Jakarta’s rivers will be publicly shamed by having their photos displayed in a banner, says Jakarta Governor Djarot Saiful Hidayat....

Isen Mulang - photo by David Metcalf

Isen Mulang – A Cultural Extravaganza

A very special event occurs in Central Borneo on May the 18th each year. Thousands of Dayaks converge on the small city of Palangkaraya to join together in a spirit of...

Aini Abdul - photo by David Metcalf

Aini Abdul – The Sailor’s Daughter

Aini Abdul was born in a small village in Southwest Kalimantan to a Dayak Iban father and a Javanese mother. Nothing particularly unusual about that in this part of the...

The Citarum River courtesy of Avax News

Touristic Escapes in the Dirtiest River in the World

When it comes to visiting Jakarta, we only can be sure that we will find a city of contrasts and a lot of garbage, including in the rivers. But you probably don’t know...






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