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Riot in Banda Aceh Prison over Transfer of Three Inmates

Law enforcers have managed to control a riot that broke in a prison in the Banda Aceh Prison on Thursday prior to the transfer of three inmates to another prison....


Ethnic Chinese Fear For Their Lives Amid Islamist Protests

The growing protests against Jakarta’s governor only add to the worsening discrimination and violence fears of the ethnic Chinese. The November 4 protests against the...

Opinion: Rent-a-Mobs & Religious Red Herrings

(Note: The views, anecdotes and opinions in this article belong to the writer and do not necessarily reflect those of Indonesia Expat.)  Paying people to stage...

President to Reschedule Australia Visit After Jakarta Riots

President Joko Widodo will have to reschedule his visit to Australia after the anti-Ahok rally, but insists that the situation in the capital city is under control. On...

Getting to the Other Side

The safest time to cross the street in Jakarta can be when the city is at maximum danger level, as Daniel Pope explains. Most roads in Jakarta are so horrendously...

Tanjung Priok

Down but Not Out in Tanjung Priok

You can find some wonderful things in the most unlikely of places. In this particular case a trek – well actually a very lengthy cycle ride – into one of Jakarta’s...






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