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Indonesian Rice Prices Double Global Average

Despite being a major producer of rice, consumers in Indonesia pay over double on average for the food staple.

Malaysian Peranakan Cuisine Image via Lipstiq

Peranakan Cuisine: The Most Delicious Food You Never Knew You Were Eating

May Tien explores the historical and cultural impact of Chinese emigrants and the food they brought to Southeast Asia. The information in this article is condensed and...


Infrastructure and Policy Remain Key Challenges for Food Security

Is Indonesia meeting the definitive requirements to be considered self-sufficient? Is its definition of food security the same as the one set by the Food and Agriculture...


A History of Food Scare Scandals in Indonesia

From human error to poor factory conditions or more serious malicious sabotage, food scares can emerge from just about anywhere, impact consumer trust and damage public...


Rice Is Nice, But…

 “White rice is lacklustre, lifeless, tasteless and irritating to prepare; brown rice is flavoursome, wholesome and easy to prepare”. Maud Grieve F.R.H.S....

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