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Riau Police Headquarters Attacked by Sword-Wielding Men

Indonesian police on Wednesday shot dead four sword-wielding men who attacked Riau’s police headquarters in Sumatra, killing one officer, the latest in a spate of...

Men Killed Three Sun Bears, Turned Bear Meat Into Rendang

Four men in Riau, Indonesia, are facing jailtime after admitting to catching and killing three sun bears before cooking them into rendang. The four men with the initials...

Man Asks for Help to Remove 200kg Crocodile from New House

A man in Riau has been forced to ask for assistance to evacuate a massive crocodile from his newly-bought residence, after he found a crocodile cage at the back of the...

Snakes not Preying on Humans, Expert Says

Humans are not the target, says a scientist following a python attack on a local in the province of Riau. As reported by local media, Riau resident Robert Nababan was...


Indonesia Fights More Fires, Singapore Gets Haze

Like clockwork, as Indonesia fights more fires in Sumatra, neighboring Singapore and Malaysia grow concerned about another possible haze crisis.

Summer Flames

Bring out the bikinis and heat up the barbeque grills- it’s that time of the year. Throughout summer, our buddies in the U.S. throw BBQ parties, while our pals in...






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