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Foodie Heaven: Unique Restaurants in Jakarta You Must Try

Anyone who has been to Jakarta knows the bustling city is home to seemingly endless restaurants and cafes, satisfying any crave. But for those looking for a quirky or...

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Eight Great Places for Authentic Sushi in Jakarta and Bali

Japanese restaurants can be found all over the place in the capital and other big cities in Indonesia. Many local news stories feature Japanese restaurants in their top...


Five Popular Restaurants in Jakarta This Month

If you’re in Jakarta during the holidays, here is a list of popular restaurants you should try out, as per recent data from our friends at Zomato.


Locavore: An Offbeat Culinary Lab in The Heart of Ubud

Locavore is a saga of fine dining, presented as visual works of art. It’s perfect for foodies willing to pay for stellar service and a bit of mystery.


Despite Cultural Conservatism, Hooters to Open in Jakarta

US-based restaurant chain Hooters will open its first Indonesian location in Jakarta’s trendy Kemang district. But will the nation’s conservative culture let it fly?


Anael Audureau: The Famous Café Owner of Eat Street

Anael Audureau is a familiar face to the dedicated clientele of Café Bali, the popular restaurant on Eat Street known for its colonial comfort, consistently good food...

Fujin interior CMYK

Fujin: Rollicking Flatiron Chefs

Our expert epicure continues an undercover operation to bring you the truth about Indonesia’s dining scene. No spoon is left unturned in the quest for honest, balanced...

Kale and Tomato Spaghetti at Potato Head

Farm to Table at Potato Head

Deep in darkest SCBD, like its namesake, a restaurant group grows in the city’s cupboard, sprouting offshoots of its particular brand of culinary creativity. Annali...


Expats Behind the Burners of Jakarta’s Top Eateries

There is a vibrant culinary scene in Jakarta and expats are no stranger to it. French, German, Italian, Australian expats work in kitchens across the city, sharing the...


Vegetarian, Organic Restaurants: Bali, Jakarta and Jogjakarta

Although Indonesia is a great place to find vegetarian food with plenty of soya bean options and vegetable side dishes available in a nearby warung, its cities have been...

The Edge

Dining with the Stars

Jakarta is a huge metropolis that keeps growing in superficies but also in altitude, and when you rise above the ground floor, it is a totally different place. With its...

Elsie Mullers

Elsie Mullers, Director of Marketing, Product Development, and International Business Development at PT Eatertainment Indonesia

This issue’s Business Profile, we meet an entrepreneurial woman, Elsie Mullers, who is the Director of Marketing, Product Development and International Business...

Jan Oudeman

Jan Oudeman, Founder & CEO at Grivy

Meet Jan Oudeman, an adventurous techie and founder of Grivy.com Hello, Jan! Let’s start with where you are from? I am Dutch and decided to move to the Far East to get...

Petty - The Restaurant Critic

Petty : The Restaurant Critic

For the last nine years Petty Elliot has been living a secret life. She’s ducked in and out of Jakarta’s Restaurant taking mental notes and snapping mental photos of...

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