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Solar Energy: The Key to Sustainability in Raja Ampat

Indonesia’s islands span a distance equivalent to one-eighth of the Earth’s circumference. Understandably, one of the main challenges the country still faces is...

Waste Power Plant

Czech Power Company Explores Green Energy in Indonesia

Indonesia and the Czech Republic aim to bolster bilateral relations with a newly proposed co-op initiative in the green energy sector.

This Renewable Energy Firm is Focusing on Indonesia

Indonesia and its more than 17,500 islands is sometimes called the ‘Emerald of the Equator’ because the archipelago looks like a bunch of emeralds strung together...

Government Contradicts Commitment to Renewable Energy

Earlier this year, the government announced its plan to develop new and renewable energy sources, which would help electrify Indonesia’s rural areas as part of the...

Indonesia Signs Contract for First Major Wind Energy Project

Indonesia and Denmark make history with a signed agreement on a project to develop the first 60-megawatt wind farm in South Sulawesi on Monday, September 19. Minister...

Let the Sun Light Up the Night: Azzura Solar’s Bright Future Program

You would think that Indonesia would be the perfect place for solar energy to thrive, considering its year-round sunshine. However, due to financial, technical and...

Indonesia Aims to Capitalise on Renewable Energy

Indonesia possesses the lion’s share of Earth’s geothermal resources that can be used for renewable energy. Here’s what the government plans to do about it....

Iconic Island Sumba

Jointly moving towards 100% renewable energy Billions of people have no access to (clean) energy. They cook on firewood and use oil lamps for light. In remote areas,...






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