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How to Take Advantage of the Singapore Platform to Get Rich (advertorial)

When it comes to investment in Singapore, one cannot ignore property. Thanks to the overheated property market, many current Singaporean billionaires were built upon...

What’s Wrong with Real Estate in Bali?

There have been a lot of recent claims that property transactions in Bali have slowed down after 15 years of unprecedented growth. Is this true? And if it is, then why...

Indonesia Invests Abroad | Meet Trent Muffett

Trent Muffett is Associate Director of International Properties for Colliers Indonesia. His focus on overseas investment provides a unique perspective into the local...

Where is Bali Property Heading?

Where is Bali Property Heading?

There is a lot of exposure about Bali and its tourism developments, as well as property and uncontrolled developments. There are a lot of critiques and arguments coming...

Not So Real Estate

Not-So-Real Estate

Renting a house, apartment or holiday accommodation can become a nightmare if you fall victim to a real estate scam. Most commonly, scammers pose as owners of property,...

Zoning Regulations - Sunset in Bali

Zoning Regulations

In Bali there are no parking problems, you can park anywhere you want. In Bali there are no zoning regulations, you can build anywhere you want. Not true. Zoning...

Buying and Selling Property in Bali – A Smart Move

Teito Furukawa, a high performing property consultant who has worked in Bali for two years for Ray White Paradise was asked to answer some questions to give direction to...






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