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Indonesia Named Three Penalties For Viral Raja Ampat’s Accident2

Indonesia To Penalize Cruise Liner for Raja Ampat Accident

The amount of money that Noble Caledonia would need to pay could be anywhere between US$10 million and US$16 million.

Guests are treated to an aerial view of the lagoon on the short self-guided trail to the island’s south beach.

A Resort to Protect Biodiversity in Indonesia

When Andrew Miner discovered Batbitim Island in 2003, he found a remote shark finning camp in a vast sea devastated by dynamite and cyanide fishing. Where once the blood...

Raja Ampat by Angela Richardson

Edge of the Ocean: Local Narratives of Marine Conservation in Raja Ampat

Expensive dive resorts and ecotourism seem to be the first things that come to most people’s minds at the mention of Raja Ampat. My recent visit confirmed the rumours...

Clean-up heroes on Birie Island in Raja Ampat

Holiday-makers clean Birie Island Beach in Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat in West Papua is known for being a paradise for divers, bird-watchers and nature lovers. Although it is a sanctuary for flora and fauna, sadly, it isn’t a...


Raja Ampat Dive Pioneers: Meet Burt Jones & Maurine Shimlock

Throughout Indonesia and the wider diving world, Burt Jones and Maurine Shimlock are known as the people who put Raja Ampat’s dive sites on top of most travelling...


A Modern Day Robinson Crusoe: Meet Max Ammer

Dutch-born Max Ammer first visited Indonesia when he was 29 and not long after made Raja Ampat his permanent residence. Running two dive resorts and an NGO that focuses...


Bali and Beyond: A Property Business Perspective

Terje Nilsen, Principal of Ray White Paradise, a leading real estate company in Bali, discusses what’s hot in property in Bali and beyond. We are about six months into...


The Village that Saved its Culture, Leatherback Turtles and its Coral Reefs

There are only a few beaches in the world on where the giant leatherback turtle lays its eggs. The leatherback is the fourth largest reptile and the largest ever found...

Holiday makers on Birie Island

Dua Tangan Cukup – Actions from across the archipelago

Raja Ampat in West Papua is known for being paradise for divers, bird-watchers and nature lovers. It is one of the world’s last remaining sanctuaries for flora and...

Alfred Wallace’s Great Adventure in Indonesia

Alfred Wallace’s Great Adventure in Indonesia

Wallace’s dedication to research and his perseverance through rainforests in an era of head-hunters, poor medication and tropical diseases was quite admirable....

30 Places to Dive in Indonesia

30 Places to Dive in Indonesia

The Indonesian archipelago, with thousands of kilometres of coral reefs, pristine remote islands and an enormous biodiversity, is one of the world’s best destinations...

Is Marine Conservation Taking Hold in Indonesia?

There are encouraging signs that it really is. The evidence comes from the independent assessment of Indonesia’s 20 year US$ 250 million coral reef rehabilitation and...


West Papua Calling

Tourist excursions to Indonesia’s West Papua province are often dreamt about and rarely undertaken. Those who do head to Papua usually congregate in the Baliem Valley,...

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