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Why Some Indonesian Women Choose Polygamy

31 year-old housewife Ratna Wulandari lives in Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital and most populated city, and is currently pregnant with her fourth child. Wulandari already...

The Online Virginity Auctioneer

A man who auctioned virgins online claims he merely wanted to fund a sexual revolution to free Indonesia from corruption, poverty and violence. Few people are buying it....

Match-Finding App for Polygamists Set for Launch in Indonesia

Finding a second, third or fourth wife will be made easier for Muslim men in Indonesia who wish to enter the fold of polygamy, with the launch of the controversial...

Polygamy is Still Tolerated in Indonesia, Advocates and Activists Speak Out

The guiding principle of Indonesia’s marriage law is monogamy – one man with one wife – but polygamy is still tolerated under certain circumstances. A man, who...






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