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100,000 Police and Soldiers to Provide Security for the 2018 Asian Games

Indonesia is deploying 100,000 police and soldiers to provide security for the 2018 Asian Games, the biggest event ever held in its terror attack-prone capital Jakarta,...

My Uncle the Police Chief and Other Lies

Imagine you’re choosing a career. Would you cough up Rp300 million (US$25,400) for a job with a starting salary of just Rp1.56 million (US$113) per month, rising to...

Swipers Still Swiping

Despite the ongoing efforts of Islamic political parties to criminalize sex outside of marriage, Indonesians are still flocking to online dating apps in search of...

Mystery Surrounds Death of British Student in Bali

A 20 year-old British student died in Bali under mysterious circumstances after suffering catastrophic injuries in a motorcycle accident in August 2017. Family members...

51 Men Arrested in Police Gay Spa Raid in Jakarta

Up to 51 men have been arrested by the police in a raid on a “gay spa” in North Jakarta on Friday. Among those arrested are several foreigners including four Chinese...

Suspect Arrested In Bali Double Murder Case

A suspect has been arrested in the mysterious death of an elderly Japanese couple earlier this month in Bali neighbourhood Jimbaran. I Puta A, 25-years-old, was arrested...

Police Bust Bogus Bruneian Businessman Scam

Beware of helping friendly strangers wanting to use your bank account for business or charitable purposes, especially if they try to entice you with a commission....

Drug Smuggling in Indonesia

Police Drug Bust Launches Shabu Supplier Hunt

Police are on the hunt for drug dealers supplying two police officers in South Jakarta Metro Jaya Police Drug Investigation Director Sr. Comr. Nico Afinta said this...

Serang Police Foil Bizarre ‘Terror Plot’

Plans for a terror plot were uncovered written on pieces of paper and stuck between the windshield wipers of police cars at the Serang City Police Station in Banten...

Police Arrest 144 in Kelapa Gading Raid On Gay Venue

North Jakarta Police arrested 144 men late Sunday, May 21, during a raid on a bathhouse in Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta. Police entered the Ruko Inkopal and Fitness...

Prison Drug Smuggling

Soetta Customs Thwart Drug Smugglers in Bumper Month

The stings netted a total 10.7 kilograms of methamphetamine. Two attempts were made through smuggling in packages and the other two via passengers.

Criminal Investigation Agency

Police Officer Foils Mugging Attempt Aboard Angkot Mini Bus

A police officer foiled an attempt to mug a fellow passenger aboard an Angkot in East Jakarta, shooting a man as he held a woman and her son captive.

behind bars

Two Suspects in Pulomas Murder Case Nabbed

Two men accused in the Pulomas, East Jakarta murder case were arrested by police authorities on Wednesday, December 28.

fatwa law

National Police Chief Bans Referring to MUI’s Fatwa as Law

National Police Chief Tito Karnavian has spoken out against those enforcing the Indonesian Ulema Council’s (MUI) fatwa as a national law.