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Indonesia Teams Up With Philippines and Malaysia To Fight Terrorism

Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia have agreed to join forces and pool intelligence as threats of terrorism loom over Southeast Asia during a trilateral meeting on...


Indonesia Falls Behind Malaysia and Vietnam in English Proficiency

Malaysia and Vietnam rank higher than Indonesia in an English Proficiency Survey done by international education company, Education First (EF).


Indonesia’s drug chief supports Philippine-style murders

Indonesia’s anti-drug chief has encouraged the nation to apply brutal crackdown methods on traffickers like the ones led by Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte. As...


Open Data to Make Huge Social Impacts in Indonesia

In recent years, the world saw a drastic rise in the open government data movement. Countries like Singapore, Korea, Japan, the UK, and the US, among others, partook in...

Old guitar

Coincidental Christmas

  As I write this I am sitting on a Cebu Pacific flight back from Manila, Philippines, having just attended my first Christmas celebration of 2015. It actually...

The Real Thing

A Really Scary Thing

In 1995 I was the tour promoter for the Philippines leg of the Asian tour of the British band The Real Thing. In the 70s they were famous for one major hit called You to...

Education Guide 2017

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