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Breaking: Expats Can No Longer Rely Solely on Agents to Get Permits

Indonesia announced immigration formality agents are no longer allowed to submit applications for visas and stay permits without having the expat present.


If there is a subject that is much discussed among elderly staying in Indonesia or who want to, it is the retirement visa (Lansia). Many urban legends are going around...

The Immigration Office Revealed!

Application of Visas and Kitas It is an intriguing question! Extending my visa or Kitas, can I do it myself? The answer is an undisputed and unchallenged yes. In this...

WORKING IN INDONESIA, why on Earth not!

A visit visa, a temporary work permit with a visit visa or a normal work permit with a stay permit, that is the only question.    After Immigration has targeted...

The PMA Company and the Negative List in Indonesia

This article is the result of numerous questions from expats regarding the setup of a company and the function of The Negative List. It describes the establishment of...

Immigration Targets Expats Again

“Carry original documents with you.” At 3am on the Sunday morning of June 5, the South Jakarta Immigration Office held another raid on the popular entertainment...

Violations on Stay Permits or Visas!

It just happens, violating the rules of your stay permit (KITAS) or your visa. Sometimes totally absent-mindedly. What happens if you do violate the rules, or more...

The Visa Confusion Unravelled

Having visa nightmares, running the risk to be deported? No need… The visa is the most misunderstood document issued by Immigration. Whether, a business, cultural,...






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