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Idea for Relocating Indonesia’s Capital Gains Momentum

The relocation of Indonesia’s capital from Jakarta is gaining momentum following a number of statements made by government officials last year suggesting that the move...

Psychogeography for Beginners

Borneo is a terrific place to visit, however hiking there from Jakarta is perhaps not the best way of setting about things. Borneo’s mysterious heart of darkness...

Remote River School, Kalimantan

I sat on the wooden floor of Fery Irawan’s humble home. I held my hands out in the receiving position to accept the water blessing from one of the village elders. I...

Cruising on a Borneo River

There is a special feeling that Borneo invokes. There really is no other experience that comes close to cruising on a tranquil river in Central Kalimantan surrounded by...

Isen Mulang - photo by David Metcalf

Isen Mulang – A Cultural Extravaganza

A very special event occurs in Central Borneo on May the 18th each year. Thousands of Dayaks converge on the small city of Palangkaraya to join together in a spirit of...

Rut Dini

Rut Dini: the River Guardian

Dini is a passionate defender of the rivers of Borneo, which is not surprising, as her memories of growing up in a small village on the Kahayan River in Central...

Aini Abdul - photo by David Metcalf

Aini Abdul – The Sailor’s Daughter

Aini Abdul was born in a small village in Southwest Kalimantan to a Dayak Iban father and a Javanese mother. Nothing particularly unusual about that in this part of the...

Siti the Dayak Dancer

Siti the Dayak Dancer

Siti is an extraordinarily beautiful and determined young woman. Her story is one of courage and determination and a desire to represent her culture through the spirit...






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