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Opinion: The Way Forward for Sustainable Transportation in Bali

Bali-based Amina Ghazi shares thoughts on one of the island’s sensitive taboos. The fossil fuel industry is taking hold of local culture and offering the paradise...

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Op-Ed: Despite Fear Mongering Media, Indonesia Responds Healthily to Terrorism

During violent attacks on 14 January in Jakarta, the media grossly misreported the facts. It was sloppy and irresponsible, as fear mongering is the definition of...


Wrongful Conviction

If you passed the young woman in this photograph on the street, she might remind you of someone – your sister, your former classmate, your colleague, or your fiancé....

Trisno the Mobile Coffee Seller

Trisno the Mobile Coffee Seller

Trisno was far from surprised when Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle chairwoman, Megawati Sukarnoputri gave Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo the nod as their...

Education Guide 2017

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