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Muslim Leaders Call For Starbucks Boycott Over Pro-LGBT Stance

Some of Indonesia’s most prominent Muslim leaders have called for a boycott of US coffee chain Starbucks after becoming aware of pro-LGBT and marriage equality...

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National Police Chief Bans Referring to MUI’s Fatwa as Law

National Police Chief Tito Karnavian has spoken out against those enforcing the Indonesian Ulema Council’s (MUI) fatwa as a national law.


MUI Issues Fatwa Banning Muslims Partaking in Christmas Festivities

On Wednesday, December 14, the nation’s independent clerical body, the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) issued a fatwa forbidding Muslims partaking in the Christmas...

Islamic Council Calls For Fatwa On Forest Burning

Indonesia’s highest Islamic authority recently criticized plantation companies and farmers who use the illegal slash-and-burn method, claiming it is “haram.” The...






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