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Jakarta: MRT Trial Run Scheduled for December

The development of Jakarta’s MRT is on track and it is set to enter a trial run in December before becoming fully operational in March 2019, MRT Jakarta president...

Jakarta-Surabaya High Speed Train Will Compete with Air Travel Times

The Jakarta-Surabaya high speed train will become a viable alternative to plane travel with the Indonesian and Japanese partnership agreeing to a travel time of...

Jakarta MRT Project

Jakarta’s MRT is on Track to Open in 2019

Jakarta’s MRT will begin operating in early 2019 but local government dithering risks delays for northern route, planners say.

MRT Jakarta Project Property Tax

Homes For Expats in Jakarta May Get More Costly Due to MRT

The Jakarta Provincial Government predicts that the city’s MRT project will end up raising property taxes by up to 30 percent in the areas where the train will...

Burnin’ Rubber Time

Jakarta isn’t looking so hot at the moment, what with streets being torn up left, right and centre in a bid to ease its transportation woes. A friend of mine recently...

MRT: The Key to Reducing Jakarta’s Chronic Congestion

Starting October 10, 2013, the first phase of Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), a monorail-based transportation system, began works in Dukuh Atas, across Sudirman Station.






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