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Classic Indonesian Films – What to Watch

Makbul Mubarak, a film director and lecturer at Multimedia Nusantara University, shares his perspective on Indonesia’s golden ages in film and relays five Indonesian...

Are You Brave Enough to Tour a Haunted House?

On the back of a popular horror film’s success in Indonesia, a travel agent has launched a one-time tour through the house where the film was based. The tour of the...


Here’s Why Expats in Indonesia Will Find McConaughey’s Movie ‘Gold’ Interesting

The 2016 movie Gold, starring Matthew McConaughey and Edgar Ramirez, is a fictionalized account of the infamous Bre-X mining scandal in Indonesia. The movie is...

Senyap — The Look of Silence

After the critically acclaimed and controversial Act of Killing, American documentary director Joshua Oppenheimer is back with The Look of Silence or Senyap. With this...

Selamat Pagi Malam Poster

Selamat Pagi, Malam: Good Morning, Night

Jakarta is so much more than meets the eye. Behind all the night lights and afternoon smoke of pollution and crowds bustling, there is a different face of Jakarta. It...






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