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Don’t be Fooled by Mount Agung’s Calm Exterior, Official Says

The residents living around Mount Agung has been told not to be fooled by the mountain’s seemingly calm appearance of late, as more tremors and volcanic ash could...

The Rumble in the Jungle

The great Gunung Agung is awakening Bali residents with over 650 seismic activities per day since September 21. What are local priests and spiritual leaders doing about...

Climbing Mount Lawu

A punishing yet beguiling ascent into the heavens of Central Java Philosophical arguments are usually given when mountaineers explain why they climb mountains. British...

Bagging Mountain Trash

Indonesia’s mountains are known for their spectacular summits and surreal beauty, attracting hikers from near and far. Sadly, the sight of litter often ruins these...

Stunning Sumbawa

Few visitors travel beyond the popular neighbouring islands of Lombok and Bali, but voyage a little eastwards and Sumbawa Island offers a peaceful escape from developed...

Hikers Collecting Rubbish on Gunung Parang

Dua Tangan Cukup: Extreme Cleanup by Adrenaline Junkies

Six adrenaline junkies carried out an extreme cleanup on Gunung Parang, also known as Machete Mountain, in West Java, collecting two sacks full of rubbish from off of...






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