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Mystery Surrounds Death of British Student in Bali

A 20 year-old British student died in Bali under mysterious circumstances after suffering catastrophic injuries in a motorcycle accident in August 2017. Family members...

Latest Attempt at Easing Jakarta’s Traffic Congestion Meets Doubt

In its latest attempt to curb traffic in the city, the Jakarta government has banned motorbikes in a few thoroughfares in the city – a policy set to be expanded to...

Widening of Motorcycle Ban Faces Opposition from Jakarta Groups and Activists

The Jakarta administration’s plan to expand the ban on motorcycles to more of the city’s main thoroughfares has been greeted with strong opposition by parties who...


Ojek Driver Stalks Passenger on WhatsApp

Ojek driver scares female passenger with inappropriate advances online after getting her personal contact details with the motorcycle-hailing app. As with any other...

My Yamaha YT115 on delivery day March 1992

Beer Goggle Bikers

I believe there is a strong argument for the ‘cooling off period’ law when people want to buy guns. Instead of flipping out completely and running to the nearest gun...

Harley Davidson Rider

Custom Bikes with Powerful Pipes

A compassionate heart beats under the leathers of a Harley-Davidson rider. When you ask guys who own Harley-Davidson motorcycles how long they’ve been riding, most of...






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