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Freeport, Government Meet in Long-Running Negotiations

Long-running negotiations between mining giant Freeport’s local unit and the Indonesian government continued Thursday, Aug. 10, with high ranking ministers meeting...

Mining in Indonesia

Indonesian Entrepreneurs Mine a Rich Vein of Foreign Resource Giants

Two big local buy outs of foreign mining giants is boosting optimism that the country may extend its reach within the resources sector.

Image by Parolan Harahap

Why Investor Confidence is Low in Indonesia’s Mining Industry

It’s no secret that Indonesia is a major player in the global mining industry. A country rich in natural resources, it has abundances of copper, gold, tin and nickel...


Here’s Why Expats in Indonesia Will Find McConaughey’s Movie ‘Gold’ Interesting

The 2016 movie Gold, starring Matthew McConaughey and Edgar Ramirez, is a fictionalized account of the infamous Bre-X mining scandal in Indonesia. The movie is...


Winning Hearts and Minds: Asok Kumar of PT Schenker Petrolog Utama

Asok is originally from Malaysia, although he has been an expat in Germany, the UK, Thailand and Japan before joining global logistics company DB Schenker in Singapore...

West Papua topo by Stefan Faymer. Licensed under Wikimedia Commons

Development Vs Indigenous People and the Environment

Over the past 50 years, the name of the region of Papua has been changed several times from Netherlands New Guinea to Irian Barat (West Irian), Irian Jaya (Victorious or...

David and Stephen Nye

Brothers at the Coalface: Mining Consultancy Britmindo

Britmindo is a family-run mining consultancy firm powered by brothers Stephen and David Nye, along with their father and the company’s founder, Alan Nye. Stephen and...

Gold Panning with mercury

There’s Gold in them thar Hills

The western foothills of the volcano look rather desolate, consisting largely of dry shrubland with a few stunted trees. During the wet season some upland rice is grown,...

Entrance to Nausus in Mollo

Solid as Rock: Mama Aleta, Guardian of Timor’s Sacred Towers

  Fine sunrays kiss the pine-covered hills and lush grasslands as our motorbikes swept through the rural dirt roads. There’s a glittering pond to my right and a...

Bangka Island - Last Chance to See

Last Chance to See?

An unspoiled island off the northern coast of Sulawesi is scheduled for partial destruction despite a Supreme Court ruling that it cannot be mined. Local villagers and...

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