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Postnup Agreements are now legal

An Indonesian, who is married to a foreign citizen, is allowed to own Indonesian property (Hak Milik or Hak Guna Bangunan), with a notarial prenup or postnuptial...

Wedding venue

I Do: 6 Perfectly Romantic Wedding Venues in Indonesia

Indonesia is brimming with romantic venues and gorgeous natural sceneries, perfect for any dream wedding. Here are six of the best wedding venues.

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A Centre of Strength for Divorced Women in Bali

Ni Komang Sariadi is the founder of Pusat Kegiatan Perempuan Women’s Centre (PKP) located just outside Ubud, Bali. PKP is a community where Balinese women can go for...


Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements for Mixed Couples in Indonesia

Most soon-to-be wed couples do not want to discuss how they want to structure their division of assets following the wedding. More often, they are simply in a state of...

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When You Say “I Do” to an Indonesian

While Jane Austen’s classic novel Pride and Prejudice presupposes that deciding whom to love (and eventually marry) is mostly just taking into consideration some...


Politicians Propose Criminalization of Sex Outside of Marriage

Legislators in the House of Representative (DPR) have discussed amendments and possible additions to Indonesia’s Criminal Code including criminalization of all sex...


Polygamy is Still Tolerated in Indonesia, Advocates and Activists Speak Out

The guiding principle of Indonesia’s marriage law is monogamy – one man with one wife – but polygamy is still tolerated under certain circumstances. A man, who...


The Imposter

Daniel Pope muses on how sometimes it’s better to tell fibs when you want to fit in with the culture. When I came to Indonesia I was surprised by the number of...


Legal Realities of Indonesian Expatriates – Family Matters

The purpose of this article is to explain some of the main family law related topics in the context of expatriate life in Indonesia. This includes a discussion on...


The Un-Laws

Every so often the local English language media throws out a story so lacking in credibility no one could ever believe it. But believe it people do and many inches of...

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