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The Dutch Pioneering Voyage to the East Indies

By Bartele Gallery Jakarta The last decade of the sixteenth century heralded the emergence of the Dutch as the colonial power that was to supercede Portugal as the...

Rare Seventeenth Century Map of Australia on Display for First Time

The National Library of Australia has placed on display a rare seventeenth century map of Australia, which was thought to have been lost. The unique map, one of just two...

Meet Roger van Tongeren, General Manager of Marketing & Communications of Starbucks Indonesia.

Please tell us a bit about your background. Where are you originally from? How long have you been living and working in Indonesia? I am originally from Holland, born and...

Meet J.P. Ellis

J.P. is an entrepreneur and a proud new father. He’s also an avid map aficionado; so much so that he created Mapiary, a powerful social mapping engine.






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