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Flag Faux Pas Stains SEA Games as #ShameOnYouMalaysia Goes Viral

Southeast Asia Games host Malaysia has found itself in hot water after an apparent design flaw in the Games’ official booklet drew criticism from Indonesian netizens...


The Boom Is Here As Indonesia Tourism Tops Asean Growth

Indonesia’s stunning beaches, mountainscapes and jungles are by no means a well-kept secret, but tourism has largely been confined to the established resort island of...


Indonesia Teams Up With Philippines and Malaysia To Fight Terrorism

Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia have agreed to join forces and pool intelligence as threats of terrorism loom over Southeast Asia during a trilateral meeting on...


Indonesia Warned to Keep Safe Online Amid North Korean Hacks

North Korean hacker groups are again suspected of launching cyber attacks around the world as Indonesia’s Minister of Information and Communications Rudiantara...


Malaysian PM Asks Indonesians to Protest Myanmar’s Treatment of Rohingya

Earlier last week, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak urged Indonesians to come together and fight not only against Jakarta Governor Basuki ‘Ahok’ Tjahaja Purnama...


Indonesia Falls Behind Malaysia and Vietnam in English Proficiency

Malaysia and Vietnam rank higher than Indonesia in an English Proficiency Survey done by international education company, Education First (EF).


Indonesia Fights More Fires, Singapore Gets Haze

Like clockwork, as Indonesia fights more fires in Sumatra, neighboring Singapore and Malaysia grow concerned about another possible haze crisis.

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No More Forest Fires in 2016? Good Land Use Management is the Key

Indonesia is seeing a record-breaking number of fires in Kalimantan and Sumatra. What makes Indonesia such a hotbed for blazes, and how can this annual problem be...

Rohingya refugees by Links International Journal

Rohingya Refugee Crisis

More than 1,000 persecuted Muslim Rohingyas from Myanmar (Burma) and about 800 people from Bangladesh, most of them seeking better lives in Malaysia or Australia, have...

At the top of Mount Kinabalu

So Sabah

There’s a long weekend coming up in October and you’re trying frantically to book a villa in Bali but it seems everywhere is fully booked. Belitung have no...

Desmond Tan

Desmond Tan

Meet Desmond Tan Kok Tat. The Malaysian expat born in the year of the dog who’s married to a Dragon. Desmond Tan Desmond, what Chinese Zodiac sign are you? I was born...

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