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Makassar Hosts International Eight Festival and Forum

Makassar opened on Friday the International Eight Festival and Forum (F8), a week-long festivity offering various attractions and activities ranging from film, fashion,...

Senang Hati sandeq by Rofinus Monteiro

Sailing Indonesia’s Heritage with Rofinus Monteiro

Centuries before electronic charts and 10,000 horsepower engines existed, ancient Indonesians have voyaged as far as Africa on the wind in their sails. Grace Susetyo...

Eastern Getaways - Issue 189 - Alor by Grace Susetyo

Five Fantastic Eastern Indonesian Holiday Destinations

The Indonesian archipelago, featuring 17,000 islands, has so much to offer insatiable adventurers. While more and more expat travellers are beginning to venture beyond...


Sulawesi – Don’t Wait

A dry look at what’s left on Sulawesi After 12 years working in Makassar and Manado, I came to view Sulawesi as home. The port city of Makassar was my first job abroad...


Ideas Worth Spreading: Meet Mila Shwaiko

If you’ve been to TEDxUbud or TEDxMakassar, chances are you’ve seen Mila busy in action. Born in Australia to American and Australian parents, Mila was raised in...


What the Dickens Do I Know About Christmas?

It’s hard to get excited about Christmas when words like “chestnuts roasting on an open fire” make me want to sweat more. It’s early December in Makassar and we...

Einbrecher an einem Fenster

Crime Tsunami

It was with a certain amount of self-congratulation that we use to talk of our social evenings in Makassar. We were able to leave a bar on our face at midnight, fail to...

Life’s a Beach at Tanjung Bira

Life’s a Beach at Tanjung Bira

“I go to seek a Great Perhaps.” – François Rabelais There can’t be many things in life that are better than a sandy beach in the tropics. They don’t...

Bantimurung Falls in Maros

A Wild Ride To Remember: South Sulawesi

On the second Sunday in May, I received a message from my childhood best friend in Manado, Gracia “GP”. “GC, what are you doing June 1-8? Let’s go island-hopping...

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