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Gili Labak

Gili Labak is a Secret Paradise for Foreigners

Located in a hidden spot near Madura island, Gili Labak is a secret paradise for expats looking for the quintessential secluded beach experience.

Asta Tingi royal cemetery, Sumenep

Madura — Java’s Different Neighbour

The Javanese may tell you that the island of Madura – only 30 minutes away by ferry from Surabaya – is hot and arid and that the Madurese are rough and hot-tempered....

Mackenzie and the Girls by the Library

Inspiration Comes in all Shapes and Sizes: The Madura Library Project

Inspirational adults striving to make a difference in their communities are out there. Inspirational teenagers, however, are not as easy to come by, and one particular...

Husin-The Ice Man

Faces Of Jakarta: Husin, The Ice Man

With Ramadhan in full swing you’d think that Husin’s business, selling ice to the 30 or more vendors and food stalls along Gang Perintis, behind Mega...