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Sumenep – Madura’s Most Interesting Town

Sumenep is a town I love. Having visited it frequently for nearly 30 years, I can say it has changed little, retaining its quaint charm. Ever-aware that anything can be...

Interesting Landmarks in Madura

You’ve ventured to the historical city of Surabaya. Are you confused about where to go? Well, we have an excellent suggestion for you. Madura is a great destination to...

The Sexual Gymnastics Of Women In Madura

Madura women are famed for their ability to enhance sex by clenching their vaginal muscles. Some even take sexual gymnastics courses with herbal remedies. Women from the...

Gili Labak

Gili Labak is a Secret Paradise for Foreigners

Located in a hidden spot near Madura island, Gili Labak is a secret paradise for expats looking for the quintessential secluded beach experience.

Madura — Java’s Different Neighbour

The Javanese may tell you that the island of Madura – only 30 minutes away by ferry from Surabaya – is hot and arid and that the Madurese are rough and hot-tempered....

Mackenzie and the Girls by the Library

Inspiration Comes in all Shapes and Sizes: The Madura Library Project

Inspirational adults striving to make a difference in their communities are out there. Inspirational teenagers, however, are not as easy to come by, and one particular...

Husin-The Ice Man

Faces Of Jakarta: Husin, The Ice Man

With Ramadhan in full swing you’d think that Husin’s business, selling ice to the 30 or more vendors and food stalls along Gang Perintis, behind Mega...






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