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Dozen Women Targeted in Bogor Anti-LGBT Raid

A dozen women have been arrested in a raid on a Bogor home Friday night, Sept. 1, after police received a tip-off the women are engaged in same sex relationships. The...


Aceh Canings To Be Conducted In Private

Public caning punishments in the North Sumatra province of Aceh, which practices Sharia law, has long been controversial courting international condemnation, now...


Muslim Leaders Call For Starbucks Boycott Over Pro-LGBT Stance

Some of Indonesia’s most prominent Muslim leaders have called for a boycott of US coffee chain Starbucks after becoming aware of pro-LGBT and marriage equality...


How Indonesia’s Hatred Towards LGBT Affects Communities

While Indonesia officially recognizes a number of religions and perspectives, the country is largely conservative in social values. This has led to vilification and...


Conservative Lawmaker: Indonesia’s LGBT Community an ‘Emergency’

Following the latest high-profile crackdown on Indonesian LGBT community, leader of one of Indonesia’s most conservative parties has called for more actions


The Government’s Ban on Gay Hookup Sites

With a newly minted degree in business administration and a year of Mandarin study under his belt, Wandi, 24, was ready for a challenge. And so, last September he took a...


Local Trans Women Redefine the Notion of Beauty in a ‘Secret Pageant’

LGBT community and activists continue to challenge status quo by secretly organizing a national beauty pageant in Jakarta, while successfully staying away from local...


Indonesia to Ban LGBT Networking Apps

Over 80 apps and websites with LGBT-related content may soon be banned by the Indonesian government. As the Indonesian LGBT community continues its fight for equal...


LGBT Rights Questioned in Indonesian Courtroom

On Tuesday, Indonesia’s Constitutional Court reviewed anti-LGBT laws in its latest hearing of a lawsuit attended by a group of academics and activists.   The...


The TV Set

Transgenderism has been hitting the global headlines of late, and Indonesia is a nation with its own cross-dressing traditions. Whilst returning home recently after a...


Indonesia’s Anti-LGBT Sentiments are Diverting Attention from the Problems at Hand

Indonesia’s sudden uproar of anti-LGBT sentiment could be a tactic used by the government to divert public attention away from the nation’s real problems.   ...


The Straight and Narrow

The neologistic acronym LGBT has been hitting Indonesian headlines this month, as the nation continues its ill-advised trudge towards good-time, thigh-slapping,...

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