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Delving into the Dark Web

Much has been written in Indonesia about the ‘deep web’ and the ‘dark web’ – much of it ill-informed scaremongering. Typical of this is an article headlined...

Oil and gas

Government Simplifies Business Permits for Oil and Gas

By simplifying oil and gas business permits in Indonesia, Minister Ignasius Jonan aims to make the legal process easier and the industry more investor-friendly.

Devices to be Checked in Luggage

New Rules for Electronics on Planes Aim to Combat Terrorism

The Indonesian government is imposing stricter safeguards on electronic devices in airplane cabins. The move is designed to enhance national defense against terrorism....

Dispute Resolution in Indonesia

In most cases, foreign companies doing business in Indonesia prefer resolving disputes in jurisdictions outside of Indonesia. This, however, may not be advantageous...

Manpower Expresses Regrets; Extends Expats a Warm Welcome

The Indonesian Ministry of Manpower recently caused panic and demoralization among companies hiring expats. All of this was following the drastic change of rules laid...


Save the Children from Hypocrisy

The government claims that its ban on alcohol sales in convenience stores is motivated solely by a desire to protect children. If the government really cares about the...

Herman the Baduy Porter

I met Herman on a recent trip to the Kendang Mountains in the province of Banten, 167 km from Jakarta. Herman is a Baduy Dalam tribesman, who adheres to a traditional...

International Schools in Limbo as Talks on New Rules Stall

Back in November last year, Tim Carr, the Head of School at Jakarta International School (JIS), joined principals from the capital’s other storied institutions to...

Zoning Regulations - Sunset in Bali

Zoning Regulations

In Bali there are no parking problems, you can park anywhere you want. In Bali there are no zoning regulations, you can build anywhere you want. Not true. Zoning...

Legal Protection of Indonesia’s Forests

Environmental protection in the Indonesian archipelago, while rather bleak historically, has been improving, especially in the last few years. Concerns regarding mining,...

Retiring in Indonesia

Some things in life are worth spending a little extra time and effort preparing for, and retirement is certainly one of those. After several decades of hard work,...






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