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How to Make Sure Goods Don’t Get Stuck in Indonesian Customs

Indonesian import regulations are often changing, so it is not uncommon foreign companies find products stuck in Indonesian customs. In this article, we shed light on...

Pantai Cermin

Malacca Strait Turns North Sumatra Into ‘Golden Gate’ Of Transnational Drug Smuggling

The Malacca Strait has often been used for transnational drug crimes, prompting the call for greater monitoring by authorities.

Protected Birds

Medan Pet Birds Confiscated In Protected Animal Crackdown

Eight pet birds were confiscated by authorities in Medan after they were found to nationally protected in a bid to save the country’s unique wildlife.

International Marriage

Indonesian-Foreigner Marriages Legal Status Clearer Under Decree

The newly issued Implementing Guidelines for Marital Agreement Registration will give Indonesian national-foreign citizen married couples a clearer understanding of...


Will Indonesia’s Public Transportation Abandon Gasoline?

The government aims to change public transportation in Indonesia by switching vehicles from being gasoline powered to running on natural gas instead.

Football Foreign Players without KITAS

Foreign Football Players Participate in Liga 1 Match without KITAS

Sports officials are outraged due to a violation by PT Liga Indonesia Baru, which allowed foreign players to participate in Liga 1 without KITAS permits.


Indonesia Just Made it Easier to Invest in Property, No More Double Taxation on REIT Trading

The government has removed double taxation on Real Estate Investment Trust securities in a bid to attract more investors to the local property game. The Indonesian...


Hammer to Fall: Property Ownership

It’s time to bring out the legal eagles for a look at expatriate matters What with various cable TV channels imploring those with a few million bucks kicking about to...

TUESDAY, DEC. 2, 2014 FILE PHOTO FILE - In this Tuesday, Dec. 2, 2014 file photo, Canadian teacher Neil Bantleman, right, walks with Indonesian teaching assistant, Ferdinant Tjiong prior to the start of their trial hearing at South Jakarta District Court in Jakarta, Indonesia. Indonesia top court has overruled the acquittal of Bantleman and Tjiong and heightened their sentence to 11 years in jail for sexually abusing three young children at a prestigious international school in Jakarta. (AP Photo/Tatan Syuflana, File)

Scams in the City: The Punisher

It is often said the Indonesian judiciary is rotten to the core. But there is one Supreme Court judge who always upholds or extends the sentences of corruption felons,...


Booze Blues

The price of alcohol in Indonesia continues to soar into the stratosphere as new import duties are introduced.   I’ve been cajoled into penning a few tetchy...

Bali Real Estate and Ownership Options

Bali Real Estate and Ownership Options

Bali is an amazing and inviting place to live, and also invest. For 15 years ++ property prices has continued to go up, and are most likely to continue to do so. For...

President Megawati's Kabinet Gotong Royong

Gotong Royong

“The success of Homo Sapiens rests primarily with our capacity for empathy and our urge to understand and appreciate others” From a review of The Age of...

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