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Aussie Tourists Paddle Through Kuta Streets in Flood

Heavy rain and flash flood in Kuta, Bali, have prompted some tourists from Australia to paddle their way around the holiday hotspot, perthnow.com.au reports. “It’s a...

Trash-free Superheroes

Some superheroes fly or fight crime with extraordinary powers, but on Bali, local superheroes are helping to rid their communities of excessive trash and writer Karen...

Tourists Return to Bali

Businesses have done well over the Christmas period with reports of normal numbers of foreign tourists everywhere and plenty of domestic visitors occupying the roads. In...

Bali Dynasty Resort: A Haven for Expat Families in Booming Kuta

Most visitors won’t associate the nightlife of Kuta with family friendliness, but Bali Dynasty Resort serves as a private oasis for foreign parents to settle in. As...


Kuta Bule-Mugging Pair Arrested After Report

Two muggers were arrested in ‘Kampung Bule’, Kuta, after a Swedish victim filed a report with police.

A Raw Food Religion in Bali

Living and raw food diets, juice cleansing programmes and detox retreats are gaining popularity not just in Ubud – where the “Eat, Pray, Love” phenomenon...

Romance Ma Joly

Ma Joly is arguably one of Bali’s most famous places for a romantic sunset getaway. The name itself illustrates sweetness, taken from the French phrase ma jolie, which...

Out for morning exercise on Kuta's new breakwater

A Day in the Life of Kuta Beach

Ask any tourist on their way to Bali where they intend to visit and more than one in five will tell you they are going to Kuta beach at some point during their stay....






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