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Margie Mason, Pulitzer-Prize Winning Journalist

Margie Mason was part of a small team of female investigative journalists for the Associated Press who worked tirelessly on a story about the fishing industry in...

The Reporter-Turned-Refugee

A journalist’s job is to tell a story. It’s neither a profession that pays the highest salary nor one that earns the most respect. Those who choose this path,...

Meet Carl Hoffman

This award-winning author and journalist has flown with mercenary bush pilots in the Congo, ridden reindeer in Siberia, and written the most substantive book on Michael...

Herawati Diah

An Endless Journey: Reflections of an Indonesian Journalist

One doesn’t plan to live 97 years, but in doing so, it is impossible not to consider how it was accomplished, and moreover, what one contributed to the betterment of...

Through Darkness to Light: Ubud Writers and Readers Festival 2013

The Ubud Readers and Writers Festival opened for the tenth year on October 11th with an all female gamelan orchestra. The theme, ‘Through Darkness to Light’, is...

Meet The Expats - Dan Boylan

Dan Boylan

Meet Dan Boylan. Writer, filmmaker and creator of Call to Poetry. Dan, can we start with a little background information? Where do you come from, where did you grow up?...






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