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Teenager Receives 18 Months’ Jail Sentence for Insulting President Jokowi

The Medan District Court in North Sumatera has sentenced a teenager to 18 months in jail for making defamatory comments about President Joko Widodo online. The...

Ahok Has Filed for Divorce, Lawyer Confirms

Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama has taken legal measures to divorce Veronica Tan, his wife of 20 years, Ahok’s lawyer has confirmed. The former Jakarta governor is...

Riot in Banda Aceh Prison over Transfer of Three Inmates

Law enforcers have managed to control a riot that broke in a prison in the Banda Aceh Prison on Thursday prior to the transfer of three inmates to another prison....

How to Get Poor Fast

One of the most popular ways to get rich in Indonesia is through politics. There are endless possibilities for self-enrichment through abuse of power. When...

Man Faces Six Years Prison for Posting Provocative Jokowi Memes

The police have arrested a 21-year-old man for allegedly posting negative memes online that accused President Joko Widodo’s administration of being a pro-communist...

Bantleman and Tjiong’s Acquittal Overturned

Indonesia’s Supreme Court today overturned the acquittal of Canadian Neil Bantleman and Indonesian teaching assistant Ferdinand Tjiong. The former JIS teachers were...






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