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Destination Indonesia

Ever wonder what you can do with a GoPro, four weeks, a beautiful country and two of your best mates? Jan Baros created one of the most captivating travel videos of the...

Solar Energy: The Key to Sustainability in Raja Ampat

Indonesia’s islands span a distance equivalent to one-eighth of the Earth’s circumference. Understandably, one of the main challenges the country still faces is...

111 Islets to Be Part of Indonesian Sovereignty

To secure the country’s defense and security, the Indonesian government hastened the registration of 100-plus islets around the country’s border areas.

Ternate Tales of Natural Selection

The Spice Islands are wrapped in an aromatic history of cloves, mace and nutmeg, Kings and Sultans, spice wars, and the rise and fall of invading armies. As I travelled...

Stunning Sumbawa

Few visitors travel beyond the popular neighbouring islands of Lombok and Bali, but voyage a little eastwards and Sumbawa Island offers a peaceful escape from developed...

The Derawan Islands Made Easy

And so another sojourn in the far-flung archipelago of Indonesia; this time to the Derawan islands off the northeast coast of Kalimantan – the name for Indonesia’s...






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