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Police Bust Plot, Tighten Security Ahead of Independence Day Celebrations

With Indonesia celebrating its 72nd Independence Day on Aug. 17, police have tightened security measures and warned the public to stay vigilant after uncovering a...


Patriotism Program In Works For Repatriated ISIS Fighters

Defense Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu is set to launch a patriotism training program for repatriated Islamic State supporters and militants as part of the government’s...


Serang Police Foil Bizarre ‘Terror Plot’

Plans for a terror plot were uncovered written on pieces of paper and stuck between the windshield wipers of police cars at the Serang City Police Station in Banten...


Islamic State Claim Kampung Melayu Bomb

Terror group Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the bombing in Kampung Melayu, East Jakarta, Wednesday night, May 24, confirming police suspicions. “We...

Indonesia Prison

Report: ISIS Exploits Structural Problems in Indonesia’s Prisons

Structural problems in the prison system such as overcrowding and understaffing make it easier for ISIS to recruit, says a new report.


US Sanctions Four Militants Linked with Islamic State

The US State Department now recognizes the Islamic State-linked Indonesian extremist organization responsible for the fatal attack in Jakarta on January last year as a...


Police Thwarts Militant Group’s Bombing Attack on Jakarta

Jakarta Police arrested four suspected Islamic militants and safely detonated a bomb on the outskirts of Jakarta last week, December 10. The group was believed to be...


Indonesia Urged to Be More Vigilant Following ISIS Attacks

Following ISIS terror attacks in Paris, Indonesian officials have been urged to step up the nation’s counter-terrorism measures, as the country remains at risk. The...

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