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PT West Point Terminal

Foreigners Accused of Embezzling on Batam Flee Indonesia

Three businessmen from China-based Sinopec Group’s oil and gas project on Batam fled the country after being accused of criminal embezzlement.


Kinara Indonesia Uses Startups to Bolster Livelihoods

Early-stage social impact investor Kinara Indonesia shows why providing incubators for startups and young SMEs will help entrepreneurs make a difference. The age of...

Photo Courtesy of Muhammad Rasyid Prabowo

Indonesia to Make Starting a Business Easier, But Experts Remain Sceptical

The Indonesian government looks to slash the number of days it takes to start a business from 47 days down to 10. But experts and analysts remain cautious.    ...

Photo by Hugo Matilla

Amidst Slowing Economy, Indonesia’s Tourism Sector Prepares to Take on Foreign Investment

Facing an economic slowdown, the Indonesian government is set to revamp laws on foreign ownership in certain sectors, starting with tourism investments. To many...

KPK Save Indonesia by Ivanatman

An Investor’s Guide to Indonesia: Navigating Corruption

 Indonesia’s long-standing practice of bribery has lingered over the decades. It is a serious problem; one which truly hampers business and investments. Indonesia is...

APEC CEO Summit 2014 by Gobierno de Chile (CC)

Is Chinese Business a Key Pillar for Indonesia’s Economy?  

Although China planned to invest $18.4 billion in Indonesia in the last five years, its investment hasn’t been as significant as its trading activities with the...

Singapore dollars Flickr user Aaron G (Zh3uS)

An Investor’s Guide to Indonesia: Red Tape for Foreign Cash

For foreign investors looking to capitalise on Indonesia’s future, here are some things to think about before jumping into the archipelago with both feet. If you’re...

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