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The Trillion-Dollar Investment Trend You’ve Never Heard of and How You Can Be a Part of It

If today you take a look at your investment portfolio, what will you find? A number of properties around your hometown, perhaps? Time deposit accounts? Or shares in...

Paddington Heights Romantic Getaway to London

Paddington Heights Romantic Getaway to London What better way to celebrate the Valentine’s Day than whisking your loved one away on a perfect getaway to London? The...

Indonesia Ranked Lowest Amongst Southeast Asian Neighbours in World Talent Competitiveness

Indonesia has held its ranking at 47 in the world talent competitiveness index, making it the lowest ranked Southeast Asian country when it comes to developing,...

How to Take Advantage of the Singapore Platform to Get Rich (advertorial)

When it comes to investment in Singapore, one cannot ignore property. Thanks to the overheated property market, many current Singaporean billionaires were built upon...

Australians Look to Bali for Property Investment

While Bali has always been a popular holiday destination for Australian tourists, there now seems to be a growing appeal for luxury property investment. For many...

Aceh Canings To Be Conducted In Private

Public caning punishments in the North Sumatra province of Aceh, which practices Sharia law, has long been controversial courting international condemnation, now...

Special Economic Zone

Special Economic Zone to Boost National Tourism Sector

Each zone will be established in a region in which a variety of industries are expected to grow and thrive due to prime resource potential which would benefit from...


Batam Set To Be ‘Paradise’ For Foreign Energy Investors

PGN has targeted Batam, Riau, for a huge development hoped to bring foreign and local investors flocking to the area.


Foreign Investors Eye Gas-Based Petrochemical Investment

Foreign investors are exploring opportunities in Indonesia’s petrochemical industry, with ripe demand and bountiful natural resources.

Is Now the Best Time to Get in on Lombok Property?

When it comes to investing in property in Indonesia, Bali is often the most common choice. That said, people are starting to look elsewhere for a more efficient...

Samurai Bond

Government to Issue Samurai Bond Worth 100 Billion Yen

The government is ready to issue another batch of samurai bonds, worth ¥100 billion. The issuance of the bonds is hoped to create positive sentiment, particularly among...

investment grade

Indonesia Open For Business After Investment Grade Ratings

For the first time in 20 years, three reputable international ratings agencies have given Indonesia investment grade status, showing Southeast Asia’s largest economy...

special economic zone

Government to Channel Chinese Investment into Special Economic Zone

In order to encourage investment outside Java, the government will channel Chinese investment to Special Economic Zones in Sei Mangkei and Bitung.

Business Luncheon Indonesia Illinois

Indonesia Attracts Illinois Investors through Business Luncheon

The cooperation focused mainly on a Indonesia’s priority sectors, particularly infrastructure, tourism and maritime investment.






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