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Business Luncheon Indonesia Illinois

Indonesia Attracts Illinois Investors through Business Luncheon

The cooperation focused mainly on a Indonesia’s priority sectors, particularly infrastructure, tourism and maritime investment.


Illegal Gold Mining Sees Steady Rise in Indonesia

While it's flush with natural resources and precious metals including gold, Indonesia also attracts its fair share of unscrupulous miners bent on plunder

Image by Parolan Harahap

Why Investor Confidence is Low in Indonesia’s Mining Industry

It’s no secret that Indonesia is a major player in the global mining industry. A country rich in natural resources, it has abundances of copper, gold, tin and nickel...

Photo Courtesy of Muhammad Rasyid Prabowo

Indonesia to Make Starting a Business Easier, But Experts Remain Sceptical

The Indonesian government looks to slash the number of days it takes to start a business from 47 days down to 10. But experts and analysts remain cautious.    ...


Indonesia Just Made it Easier to Invest in Property, No More Double Taxation on REIT Trading

The government has removed double taxation on Real Estate Investment Trust securities in a bid to attract more investors to the local property game. The Indonesian...

Jakarta property

Jokowi Signs New Government Regulations on Foreign Property Ownership

In December, President Joko Widodo signed a Government Regulation (Peraturan Pemerintah, PP) on foreign home ownership in Indonesia. The president’s decision to sign...

Power lines by NSeika

Opportunities, Challenges Abound for Private Investors in Local Infrastructure Projects

Here’s what private investors who are keen on Indonesian infrastructure projects should consider before moving forward. The Indonesian Government needs private sector...


Golden Goose Chases

Indonesians from all walks of life are still prone to investment scams. Why? Mainly because of a lack of awareness and the promise of easy money. About 58% of...

Where is Bali Property Heading?

Where is Bali Property Heading?

There is a lot of exposure about Bali and its tourism developments, as well as property and uncontrolled developments. There are a lot of critiques and arguments coming...

Mario Gaw

Mario Gaw, General Manager of Rumah123.com

With the fresh new look of Indonesia Expat, we will be regularly shining a light on successful businessmen and women in Indonesia, Expatriate and Indonesian, to discover...

Golden Traders Indonesia Syariah

Glittering Sharia Pyramids

Julisar, a Jakarta-based Chinese Indonesian businesswoman, thought she was onto a winner when a friend invited her to invest $100,100 in Golden Traders Indonesia Syariah...