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Man Faces Six Years Prison for Posting Provocative Jokowi Memes

The police have arrested a 21-year-old man for allegedly posting negative memes online that accused President Joko Widodo’s administration of being a pro-communist...

The Voices of Young Photographers in Indonesia

Three young and influential Indonesian photographers discuss various outlooks on photography and how this particular medium shaped their lives. Reza Riwandi, Satrio...

Meet Milu Evans and Crille Rask: A Love Story

Karen Davis interviews a young entrepreneurial couple in love, who live in Bali. Crille, tell us a bit about yourself. Crille: My dad is Swedish and my mum is from...

#selfiesampah in Senopati

#selfiesampah: the Trash Selfie

Dua Tangan Cukup: Actions from Across the Archipelago Social media is undeniably big business in Indonesia and selfies, or a photo of one’s self taken by one’s self,...






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