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Series of Accidents at Indonesia’s Infrastructure Project Sites Raise Safety Concerns

The safety standards of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi)’s infrastructure drive has been questioned after a series of accidents in multiple construction projects...


Skytrain Ready To Connect Soekarno-Hatta Airport Terminals Next Month

The innovative Skytrain transport system will improve airport services and connections between the terminals.

LRT Palembang

Palembang LRT on Track Ahead of Asian Games 2018 Thanks to Minister

Palembang’s vital Light Rail Transit development will receive a financial boost to ensure its completion ahead of Asian Games 2018.

Jakarta LRT

Despite Setbacks, Government Sets Ticket Price for LRT

Despite ongoing construction and land acquisition problems, the government has set the price of the upcoming Jabodebek LRT tickets for 2019.

Jakarta Airport Train

Officials: Jakarta’s Airport Train On Track for Completion

The project is a route to and from Soekarno Hatta and Manggarai. PT Raillink claims it will be ready for public use in July of 2017.

Jakarta MRT Project

Jakarta’s MRT is on Track to Open in 2019

Jakarta’s MRT will begin operating in early 2019 but local government dithering risks delays for northern route, planners say.

World Bank Grants Fund For Indonesia Infrastructire Investment

World Bank Coughs Up More Cash For Indonesia’s Infrastructure

World Bank just ponied up more cash for Indonesia’s bold infrastructure push. The funds are meant to improve the nation’s public facilities at large.

Opportunities, Challenges Abound for Private Investors in Local Infrastructure Projects

Here’s what private investors who are keen on Indonesian infrastructure projects should consider before moving forward. The Indonesian Government needs private sector...

Is Chinese Business a Key Pillar for Indonesia’s Economy?  

Although China planned to invest $18.4 billion in Indonesia in the last five years, its investment hasn’t been as significant as its trading activities with the...