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Indonesian Students in United States at a 13-Year High

Indonesians studying in the United States is now at a 13-year high with almost 9,000 students currently in the country, according to a US State Department report. The...

Love Thy Neighbours

Indonesians are among the friendliest people on the planet, keen to avoid confrontation at all costs. Just don’t ever give them a good reason to form an angry mob on...

A woman casting her vote on July 9

One Country. Two Presidents.

Indonesians went to the polls to directly elect their president on the morning of the 9th of July. By late afternoon, through Quick Counts, we were supposed to know who...

Invisible Migrants: Indonesians Abroad

Imagine if three Dutch, American, or Germans died abroad every day? The outrage and international attention would be astounding. The murder of a single American in Bali...






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