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The Bizarro World of Indonesia’s Sinetron

Heavy makeup, overdramatic acting, bizarre encounters with demi-gods and ghosts. What else could those words describe except for another episode on an Indonesian soap...

Indonesians try Delicacies from the West

Fix Productions turns the tables and asks some young Indonesians to try a few delicacies from the West. Their reactions show the huge divide between what is considered...

The Voices of Young Photographers in Indonesia

Three young and influential Indonesian photographers discuss various outlooks on photography and how this particular medium shaped their lives. Reza Riwandi, Satrio...

Researching Indonesian Jews

Conducting research on unpopular ideas and marginalized people is not an easy task in this country. This is particularly true as they are regarded as a common enemy...

Daisy Luck Strikes Again

I love the way the Indonesian language and the English language have blended over the years. For example, many non-Indonesians would have heard of the infamous spy...

Parlez Vous Bahasa

Parlez Vous Bahasa?

For most people, the Indonesian language is without doubt one of the easiest languages to learn. It has very simple grammatical structure, it has no tenses and it uses...






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