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Indonesian Idul Fitri Dishes

Have you ever tried the traditional food served over Idul Fitri? This holiday, why not explore some of the delicious cuisine locals enjoy? If you’re worried about...

Cuisine so Delightfully Introspective, It’s Hard to Keep Kaum

The Clandestine Critic is back, this time tackling upscale Indonesian dining in the heart of Jakarta. Kaum Restaurant is well-received in cities like Hong Kong, where it...

Back to the Basics with Pokenbir

Dear Readers, Lately, it seems like Jakarta’s restauranteurs are at a loss for new ideas. The market is saturated with the pseudo-modern-French-Asian cuisine, with...

Live Well, Eat Well with Indonesia’s Top Foods

For the newly arrived, Indonesian cuisine can be both the most exciting and bewildering aspect of relocation. Unlike other Southeast Asian countries, especially Thailand...






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