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The Tangkoko Tarsier Trail

It is pitch dark and the night is full of sound: cicadas, the waves of the Molucca Sea, and the music of the rainforest frogs. Led by torchlight, we search for one of...

Your Next Trip: Flores

The island of Flores, home of the extraordinary Komodo National Park, has much to offer and is worth taking some time to explore. It is situated in the East Nusa...

VESPA ACROSS INDONESIA PART II: Nusa Tenggara, Travelling at the Speed of Whim

Living in board shorts, riding from swimming hole to swimming hole and leaning into the next curve. This is freedom, this is touring Indonesia by Vespa. The first part...

Sumenep – Madura’s Most Interesting Town

Sumenep is a town I love. Having visited it frequently for nearly 30 years, I can say it has changed little, retaining its quaint charm. Ever-aware that anything can be...

Rejection Rate of Indonesian Schengen Visa Applications Increases

The rate of Schengen visa rejections for Indonesia in 2017 has increased, according to the statistics revealed by the European Commission. The rejection rate is 1.4...

The Visa Confusion Unravelled

Having visa nightmares, running the risk to be deported? No need… The visa is the most misunderstood document issued by Immigration. Whether, a business, cultural,...






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