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Under the Knife: Female Genitalia Mutilation Causes Long-Term Psychological Effects on Indonesian Women

Female genitalia mutilation is a common practice in Indonesia. Although it is largely associated with Islamic teachings, many claim there is no connection to the...


International Advocacy Group Fights for Rights of Terror Victims

An international human rights group is pushing for Indonesia to honour the rights of terror victims, particularly foreign tourists facing cultural challenges with the...

Protestors for West Papua's independence in Melbourne. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

No Way Out

Papua’s abundant natural resources are a blessing and a curse. As the Indonesian military’s last remaining place to quash rebellion, there is unlikely to be any...


Wrongful Conviction

If you passed the young woman in this photograph on the street, she might remind you of someone – your sister, your former classmate, your colleague, or your fiancé....

Street Kids

Birth Certificates

When Fanta, a four-year-old girl living with her family under the toll road in West Jakarta was molested, Jakarta Police wanted to help find the perpetrator and bring...


Sister in Danger: Youth against sexual violence

"Sister in Danger” is a song performed by Simponi (Sindikat Musik Penghuni Bumi or ‘Music Syndicate of Earth Dwellers’) as part of a campaign to promote protection...

Modern Slavery

Modern Slavery

She was promised a well paying job as a waitress-receptionist in Batam. The establishment, although Chinese-owned, was fully halal, so, no need to worry. A few weeks...

Education Guide 2017

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