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Mediterranean Escape: A Miniature Europe in Surabaya

Wisata Bukit Mas is a premium housing complex that has a miniature European park within the grounds, known as the Notre Dame Adventure Park, where replicas of famous...

Meet the Expat: Ian McKie, General Manager of the Oakwood Premier Cozmo Kuningan

Please tell us about yourself. I am originally from the UK but left there in 1985 and have been on the road ever since. My wife is from Korea and I have a couple of...

Finding Your Dream Home in Jakarta With the Help of an Expat Specialist

Home sweet home is hard to find in Jakarta. House hunting expats know all about the complicated processes, beginning with finding a preferred area to sticking to a...


Five Locations In Indonesia That Are Filled With Expats

Expats who are looking for great places in Indonesia to call home, here are five great spots that might be suitable for you.