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The Man Behind the Curtain of Royal Ambarrukmo Yogyakarta

The Central Bureau of Statistics shows Yogyakarta as the country’s top travel destination in recent years. The number of tourist arrivals to the province grew by...

Bali hotels

Officials Aim to Control the Overpopulation of Bali Hotels

The number of rooms in Bali does not match its number of visitors. Local groups push for all Bali hotels to meet certain criteria before they can be built.


10 Great Places for Brunch on Easter Sunday

Here are ten great hotels for you and your family to enjoy Easter meals and celebrate the rest of the Holy weekend. Jakarta and Bandung may pride themselves on their...

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German Expat and Indonesian Wife Jailed for Bali Resort Swindle

A German and his Indonesian wife convinced an Australian and his Indonesian wife to invest over US$700,000 in the expansion of a resort in Bali. They then used the money...

Villa Pererenan Tree Top stay (1)

Top Five Treetop Stays in Bali

While the island is often regarded as a beach paradise with a variety of boat tours and diving options, many foreigners are looking for the quintessential jungle...


Jamal Hussain: The Blessing and Curse of Running a Hotel in Bali

Earlier this year, it was predicted that the number of hotels in Bali will see a 100 percent increase compared to 2015, with around 50 new properties set to welcome...


Top Five Holiday Retreats in Bali

With luxurious hotels and villas permeating every space on the island, you’re probably wondering which ones would best suit you and your family’s preferences this...


Pullman Legian Nirwana: Not Your Average Bali Hotel (Advertorial)

Hotels in Bali are known to be exceptionally enchanting. After all, who would not want to wake up in the morning to the sound of the ocean waves and spend the entire day...


One Hotelier’s Take on Indonesia as an Emerging Market

One of the world’s largest resort companies and the third-biggest hotel chain in Europe, Meliá Hotels International says it is committed to the development of...


You Can Check Out Anytime, but You Can Never Leave

There comes a time when we all need a break from the carbon monoxide and burning plastic smoke that drifts across Jakarta’s 24/7 urban war zone. Well, this year’s...


MTE Richard Daguise, the French CEO of Mesa Hotels & Resorts

Where are you originally from? Why the move to Indonesia? Am originally from France. After several years spent in London following my degree in France, I decided, for...

Norbert Vas

Meet Norbert Vas

Meet Norbert Vas, an Austrian ex-smoker and the man behind non-smoking hotels in Jakarta.   What prompted you to move to Indonesia? 14 years ago, in 2000, I moved...

Cheeseboard at C's Steak and Seafood Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunches in Jakarta

You have probably noticed it by now, but Indonesians love to eat and they love to make you eat. One way to celebrate this eating fest is the Sunday brunches offered by...

Jakarta on a clean air pollution day

Jakarta for the Weekend?

Jakartans leave their work early on Fridays, hoping they can beat the traffic to the airport and enjoy a weekend in Bali or Singapore, away from the pollution. On the...

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