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A Beginners Guide to Idul Adha in Indonesia

The lead up to Idul Adha in Jakarta is an interesting time. Unlike ahead of Idul Fitri when millions leave the cities to return home for the holiday and malls and...

Top Five Treetop Stays in Bali

While the island is often regarded as a beach paradise with a variety of boat tours and diving options, many foreigners are looking for the quintessential jungle...

You Can Check Out Anytime, but You Can Never Leave

There comes a time when we all need a break from the carbon monoxide and burning plastic smoke that drifts across Jakarta’s 24/7 urban war zone. Well, this year’s...

Pulau Seribu – get away to amazing islands over Christmas without leaving Jakarta!

Years end in Jakarta can be a stressful experience – traffic becomes worse than usual, flight prices go through the roof, and organizing a family vacation can take on...

A Home Away from Home at Christmas

A Home Away from Home at Christmas

Ever since I could remember, I loathed the atrocious winters of New York City, regardless of the fact that the city is pretty magical during the holidays. From the...






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