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Savana Ollon

Here’s Why More Expats Are Visiting Savana Ollon in Toraja

Toraja is becoming more popular for tourism. It just developed a fresh spot called Savana Ollon, a new camping area that foreigners in Indonesia may love.


Out of Eden: Mountain Spirits from the Heart of Timor

“Timor’s very own Garden of Eden,” Grace Susetyo recalls a description someone once told her of Mount Mutis’s bonsai forest. Flaunting tiny leaves on curling...


Climbing Java’s Capricious Gunung Slamet

Never again. That’s the last time I ever scale one of these bloody volcanoes. Those were my pitiful sentiments after the long and gruelling climb of Gunung Lawu,...


Climbing Mount Lawu

A punishing yet beguiling ascent into the heavens of Central Java Philosophical arguments are usually given when mountaineers explain why they climb mountains. British...

Stunning morning views from the campsite in the national park

The Bare Necessities: Gunung Leuser National Park

Trekking Gunung Leuser National Park in North Sumatra in search of endangered orangutans in another world. Ever since Leonardo DiCaprio hit local and international news...


Bagging Mountain Trash

Indonesia’s mountains are known for their spectacular summits and surreal beauty, attracting hikers from near and far. Sadly, the sight of litter often ruins these...


Hiking Gunung Tambora: Celebrating 200 Years Since the Eruption that Shook the World

Two hundred years ago a volcano violently erupted on the island of Sumbawa, sending molten rock 40km into the sky – the most powerful eruption on Earth for 500 years....

Rolling tea plantations on the Puncak Pass

Hiking the Hills Around Bogor

Forced urban dwellers like myself long to escape the confines, concrete and cars. I’m always on the lookout for a quick trip that offers a breath of fresh air,...

Starting the journey - back when we were full of high spirits

A Weekend Trip to Gunung Salak

Just two hours away from Jakarta, Gunung Salak is a large volcanic range in Halimun National Park (the largest tract of rainforest in Java) and is an ideal spot for a...

Kerinci Calling

Sumatra is sprinkled with volcanoes, thirty-five to be exact, and all sitting on the Barison Mountain range in the western half of the island. One of these volcanoes is...

Summit Path

Climbing Mt. Merapi: No Jumping Pictures, Please

What makes a great Monday morning? Sleeping in? Not wearing any clothes until lunch? How about summiting one of the world’s most active volcanoes via a treacherous...

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